January 2018


BCS 2018

LhGWR and Stead Bureau welcome your application for the 2018 edition of the Book Case Study!

For this edition, the entire workshop program has been restructured, because we wanted to offer you a more in-depth, slow-paced, and personalized experience. We feel there is a need among artists and photographers, who often work individually and in relative isolation, to receive substantial, content-oriented, honest feedback about their projects and approach. The total number of participants is therefore limited to eight candidates, with whom we will work individually and in group sessions.

Like a vigorous wellness treatment, BCS VII is designed to give you an uplifting and energizing experience in book publishing. Attending the program gives you the pleasure of working together with some of the sharpest course leaders from the international community of artists and photo book lovers and makers. You will take away not just the outline for a book project, but new tools and experience about the editing process, as well as an advanced understanding of your work and where it's situated.

Included in the 4-day course are in depth conversations in a private setting with 3-4 Dutch / Belgian publishers, who will present themselves and discuss case studies from their practice, or who will share some of the challenges they feel the industry is facing. On the second evening, you are invited to an informal evening at the private library of one of the most inspiring Dutch book collectors. An equally informal dinner is included.

After presenting and evaluating all projects with the participants and the course leaders, you will explore the editing potential of your own project, and receive advice tailored to your needs. A new feature will be that participants are encouraged to perform internet searches while others are giving a presentation, in a direct response to what the work triggers for them in terms of connections, leads, similarities or historical references. It will offer a brief exercise in situating your work within a broader context / discussion / reception, to see where the work actually connects to other people's concerns or activities or obsessions. Finally, you will make a preliminary outline for a book based on an edit developed during the workshop, aided by student assistants, and evaluated in the presence of external designers.

Deadline for submissions: soon to be announced.

This year's course leaders

Workshop Meetings

Four personal encounters with Dutch and Flemish designers-publishers. Get introduced to the Dutch tradition of multi-talented designers, who are also strong editors and successful publishers of photo and artists books, and who are often invaluable partners of photographers and artists on their road to recognition.

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Participants traveling from abroad to attend the workshop may want to consider extending their stay for a visit to two recently opened museums, or for a few extra days research in one of the many libraries of art book in the city. The Fotomuseum Den Haag recently reopened in its expanded location. A short trip away, the new private art museum Voorlinden opened its doors in the summer of 2016. During the workshop, the new Martin Creed exhibition Say Cheese will be on. The museum also houses a library of over 40.000 artists books. Finally, Stroom Den Haag, a public art centre, houses a compact, highly specialized collection of books on contemporary art, art theory, urbanism and architecture, which is well worth a visit for those wishing to explore the developments in adjacent fields and practices.

Ticket options

BCS Workshop

Join us for four days of pure book delight. Including a full day of talks with renowned graphic designer/publishers, a visit to an inspiring Dutch book collector and a daily lunch.

€ 599,- Including lunch! PARTICIPATE

BCS Full Service

Join us for four days of pure book delight. Including a full day of talks with renowned graphic designer/publishers, a visit to an inspiring Dutch book collector and a daily lunch.

In addition to the BCS Workshop package we will also make arrangements to accommodate you in the recently opened stylish Student Hotel round the corner, where you will receive a daily breakfast and have acces to all the functionalities of the hotel.

€ 849,- Including accommodation! PARTICIPATE


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